My life’s First Professional Meeting


It was a great day when i got into JOB, it feels like i have been gifted for all my efforts. My life’s First JOB, its kinda most awaited feeling in everyone’s life. It comes over the time when you are done with your graduation , but to me it came 6months earlier, during my professional training. hehehhe .. Isn’t it good, eh ?

The things we studied, the things we jotted up in the exam just to clear that paper actually exist .. yeah they do !!

And we used to curse our university for teaching us management subjects during our technical education. Trust me guys, a complete engineer is the one, who is equipped with all the tools from management to technical know-hows. In the market when you gotta face a cut-throat competition, you really have to be different from the same pattern engineers which only know about classes,objects, etc etc.

I am the lucky chap to get into a company where i am actually made to work and is not allowed to sit idle, like in other companies. I am involved in every action/updates of the projects i am assigned to. I had 1-2 years of PHP experience which help me land into this company and let me get involved into 2 Live Projects, where in the client needs update after a week or so.

The deadlines,presentation,completeness,perfectionism these words really matter now. Just 20 days and the company CEO knows that there is a trainee “Sachin” working on the projects. Isn’t that an achievement ?

Guys, trust me .. getting into a company is not a big deal, the deal is when you are actually recognized for your efforts and appreciated for the output.

Please do share your experiences and comments !!

cheers !!

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