I Rejected a Candidate then


Hiya all,

It was just another day at office and i was working with the dumb goole app engine and python. Struggling to push 40,529 records into google’s datastore through a CSV file was quite a challenging job. The CPU was getting timed out, because google would allow you to push only 10 records at a time. I was deep down in this script, suddenly my Sr. Project Manager IM me that i have to take an interview for PHP. I was amazed and at the same time was feeling good that this is going to be my life’s first interview when i wont be sitting on the panic chair :d

I went to my Boss’s cabin with the same tension as that candidate might be having. Basically it was a telephonic interview so not much stress. But still it was my life’s first interview and i was kinda out of touch from php since last 2-3 months. So i started with the questions, from basics and the candidate was really well in answering them with due respect to me :p

I was getting little bit comfortable, and i felt really good in juding his questions and mindset. Finally i came to my outta box questions and the real things which are prevailing in Open Source market these days, and he started kneeling down, when we start talking about maintaing bigger applications and consistency of the objects and some more of deeper technical stuff.

He had an experience of 1 year, but still i had a doubt because the way he was responding to things wasn’t that professional. So finally the interview was over and in my boss rejected him giving the negative feedback on the same call.

He was depressed and with very low tone he said thanks to us. I would like to share here is, that other than domain knowledge one must have general knowledge about the happenings in the market. Its not about which processor got launched or which company took over the other. Its about different APIs, new techniques. Because things are the same, it may be a simple website but there are n number of ways to develop that, if PHP gives you simples way to create a website then Ruby on Rails gives you more proper MVC like framework to create the same website.

So best of luck to you guys, stay beautiful !!

Cheers !!

Realin !