What is the size of twitter display image

Heya folks, After I wrote the blog entry How to create follow me on twitter image/logo with photoshop on my other techn blog I saw a healthy increase in the twitter queries from google and other search engines. Among them one query which I noticed everyday was as simple as that, “What is the size[…]

5 ways to make use of twitter

Its been long now since twitter totally tookover almost every social networking site. Facebook one of the top social networking site has almost revamped its user interface to match like twitter. Some on twitter only said “If you can’t be them, then just copy them” .. LoooL 😀 I use twitter actively and with the[…]

Monetize or earn from your twitter account

Hiya, When i heard about getting money outta my twitter account, i first couldn’t believe. And when i saw its demo then i thought its a bad idea and wont work. But i always wanted to be the one who tried the stuff on first hand. So i tried this Magpie thingy. Well it actually[…]