Google’s friend connect

Its social networking everywhere. The more  you connect across people the better you are to go further in whatsoever you are doing. Its all abou the social networking. With the massive success of facebook,orkut,myspace and not to forget the social microblogging website twitter social networking among people is increasing day by day. After the yahoo’s[…]

WordPress Cpu Usage getting very high

hiya all, Some of you might have experienced a real nice downtime of 3-4 days in here. Well it is due to the fact that my hosting provider claims that my blog is showing absurd results during CPU usage. Some of you might be facing the same problem, even though i have updated to latest[…]

Upgraded to WordPress2.5.1

hi, Finally i got time for myself and i have upgraded my blog to the latest version of WordPress, fixing all the bugs and thereby minimizing the risk :p I know its a bad practice to delay upgrades this late, but you see life is busy .. Dear readers, please let me know if you[…]

CSS Annual Naked Day (Strip your websites)

Hell yea, saw the American pic Naked Mile ? well if no, then lets celebrate the CSS naked day here. April 5th is observed as the world’s naked day for all the sites through the world. On this day, the websites simply remove their CSS style sheets from server and let the content mingle or[…]
PIN Launched is another of my website. It is developed in little steps just due to my heck college schedule and busy life. But i have been dying to have a website like this, where i can help people for free and can express my views and write some helpful topics for others. Guys just visit[…]

Change in Servers

hi guys.. I have changed my hosting server and have shifted to a bigger one which offers me more space and bandwidth. So i can always hear your requests of uploading few stuff for you on temp basis and can even provide you subdomains foreg etc etc DO let me know at earliest as[…]

Site Makeover

Its been a long time, almost a year when i took this webspace and started the website. Since then there had been lots of ups and downs in my college life so couldnt give time to site. But after a 2 months long vaccation, i could learn php at the finest level(this is what i[…]