Travelling to your Loved ones

Travelling to your loved one is a dream come true.. Yes it really is.. it was a nice plan .. I had to visit my gal’s city.. its long long 1419 KM. and in a country (india) where i live travelling that distance is a real pain.. no direct flight, had to travel in discrete[…]

Chat through GPRS

Aaaahh the pain of distance.. Well the people who know how does it feel to be away from your loved ones can only tell you how hard it is .. Well the pain of distance compelled me to make something called GPRS chat for me and my girl friend .. And i want to share[…]

Check Bsnl Account usage in firefox

Oct 11,2008 Update: You can now check bsnl account usage using this link and of course you should be connected through bsnl broadband for that. Here is a common belief and a check imposed by BSNL that “A User can check his/her account usage only through Internet Explorer”. May be cause there Portal is[…]