The BIG Computer Giant INDIA


Yeah, the word computer gives a sense of automation and comfort or a source of entertainment to few, but i was really astonished to see the scene at the local market here in New Delhi. The place is known to be “Nehru Place” and guys trust me its the first time in my life (though its not so long) where i have seen such crazy people for computers. Every single shop out there is selling stuff not in hundreds but in thousands. The market has so much to sell, that some roadside temporary shops are also setup in the middle of nowhere and they are selling second hand RAMs, HDD etc

They repair it and even give warranties at their own. Yeah its the new world the new computer world. I was amazed with the fact that softwares of any company or kind is available there and they were selling it like tea bags … shouting along “software – software” … I was energized to ascertain the situation,mannn everything was so wonderful and I felt i was in a world of my own, just the way i want. Computers all around, geek talks, magazines, CDs etc etc

The scene was pretty bedlam and people were roaming here & there to search the best deal for their computer needs. The local vendors got cut throat competition there and this gives benefit to the end user. The computer hardware is pretty cheap out there, with original warranty and bill.

I know other countries must be having the markets in the same way, but for my country INDIA its a matter of pride. We Indians are struggling hard to be the golden sparrow once again, and thee shall succeed 🙂

Markets like this help reach computers to every corner of our country and this in return outputs educated crowd. After all we have to plan for our future generations. Of all the development in INDIA, i think this is the best thing that hardware & Software are available under a same window and that too at the best prices, it catches the attention of a common man 🙂

Hope that you visit there soon and buy some nice stuff for your PC/Laptop

Cheers !