What is the size of twitter display image

Heya folks,

After I wrote the blog entry How to create follow me on twitter image/logo with photoshop on my other techn blog I saw a healthy increase in the twitter queries from google and other search engines. Among them one query which I noticed everyday was as simple as that, “What is the size of twitter display image” and I wondered why don’t people get that ? :D

Anyways the twitter’s display image has two sizes 73 x 73 px and  48 x 48 px. The one on your homepage i.e. twitter.com/username is the one with 73px. The other 48px one would appear in the time line. For instance my profile’s 73px version is here . So if you open it in the intelligent browser firefox then you will see the size in px written in the title bar. For the timeline picture i have this screenshot, just to suffice you :P


Hope this bring google queries in the right direction and helps someone :p

Realin !

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  1. Thanks,

    you finally solved my month long
    problems. Now everything just seems to
    fit within the image with the give pixels.


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