Rockstar – Movie Review

I watch only selected hindi movies in the theater and Rockstar was one of those selected few. I went to watch movie with a perception of complete making of “Rockstar” out of a normal man, with a light touch of love in his life. However, I was shocked to see that the movie’s plot is the other way around. It was making of a “Rockstar” for sure, but an excessive involvement of love.

Ranbir Kapoor is playing the role Janardhan Jakhar a.k.a JJ a.k.a Jordan in the movie. Ranbir’s acting through out the movie is appreciable and Ranbir will definitely be a super star one day. This movie is about a rebel rockstar who does not care for anything in the world but about his love. His accidental love Nargis Fakhri playing role of a Kashmir’s rich girl, Heer.

The movie is all about Jordan getting back to Heer after two of them spent some “naughty” time together and thereafter Heer getting married to a rich guy in Prague.

From this point, the movie takes a complete turn and Jordan’s life starts becoming difficult just like any other superstar’s starting life. Also, the whole concept of becoming Rockstar now shifts to how Jordan can get back his love, Heer. Jordan does not care if Heer is already married, all he wants is Heer and her body, that was kinda absurd, but ok 🙂

Jordan gets a chance to do a concert and reaches Prague, does all the naughty stuff with Heer comes back to become a Rockstar for all the crazy stuff he did in Prague. Movie loses the track about “Making of a Rockstar” and instead focuses how love/lust (could not differentiate) becomes important in Jordan’s life and overpowers his life’s goal of becoming.

So the accidental love in his life, also makes him a accidental Rockstar. People are crazy about Jordan cause of the pain in his voice and the way he gives a damn to everyone else. No matter even if he slaps, abuses anyone publically be it his fans or media. No matter even if he does not show up at his concerts, thousands of people will still love him, little unrealistic 🙂

Overall, this movie is emotional and becomes drag in middle. But nevertheless, the direction, acting and the cinematography is worth watching. I am not a movie reviewer, but if you have 3 complete hours to bear emotional up & down then you should definitely head towards theater. Else wait for it to get broadcasted on television and then you can change the channel after middle of the movie.

My Rating – 2.5/5

Stay Good,

Sachin Khosla