P chidambaram,home minister,got hit by shoe in a press conference

[youtube mwUpKYVRh6U]

This is really shocking for the nation that the honorable Home Minister Mr. P. chidambaram got hit by a shoe in a press conference. Some people take it lightly saying that this is yet another case similar to the one in which US president Bush got hit by two shoes in Iraq during the press conference. p-chidambaram23_26

But just give it a thought, that US prez never got hit in his own country by his own country man. Instead it was some other country and it was a protest by citizen of some other country. This is really heart breaking that being a citizen of India and the person is hitting his country’s Home Minister by a show. There are many ways to protest in India, they might be slow impacting but atleast do not disregard the people who lead India. You do not respect them but does that mean you have the right to insult them?

India needs a real change !!


Sachin Khosla