Who is realin? Meaning of Realin ? What is Realin ?

Hiya All,


This post will have very few readers, cause those who know me will only read it. People always ask me who is realin or what does the word “Realin”  mean in literal sense. Well it ofcourse is not a dictionary word, in lieu it is a word which i generated as a code name to my original Name ie sachin. So if we break this out, this comes somethig like this

Sachin= Sach + in

Real=Sach (in hindi, my national language)


which means, Sachin=Realin

So this was all about, i have been using this codename since ages now(say 7 years). My classmates, my colleagues all know me by this name 🙂 and so is this site, dedicated to myself :p

Cheers !!

Realin !

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