Web 3.0, oh my god !!

Well yeah,thinking about learning web 2.0 well wait a second mate, did i hear someone saying WEB 2.0 is outdated !! yeah it is !!

google gears

Today my boss promised me that next time when he goes for a web 2.0 workshop, he will take me along. But right after one hour i gave him a news that web 3.0 is already in the market. 😀 Literally,when i heard about web 3.0 i exclaimed and said “Isn’t technology changing at a rapid rate ?

So what this web 3.0 really is ?

Lets go see the WEB from start.

Web 1.0 was the good old web of the 1990s. In those times, all client-side changes were the result of a server round-trip. The Internet was ramping up in popularity.

Web 2.0 has been a little more than just a technological evolution. The staple of Web 2.0 has been the emergence of social media (Internet users creating most of the content), powered by mature technologies (DHTML, Ajax) on somewhat stable web browsers.

Web 3.0 is the next buzz and i think it will change the way we think internet works. Web 3.0 is not a new world, but its another web technology which will eliminate the difference between a desktop and web application. It gives user an experience of both offline and online. It removes the browser and desktop difference giving a secure channel and integrating various devices & services which is retained by the Operating System.

It is at the start phase but is growing like a weed on the internet, though its quiet at the moment and is exposed to few. So the best company to deal with webservices is none other than almighty google. The web 3.0 can be experienced using Google gears which help us build application which can made to work offline. Thanks to Google Gears, applications such as Remember The Milk, an online to-do list and task management system, can now work offline. The Adobe Flash player already allows application developers limited access to the webcam and the microphone. Soon, we’ll also be able to drag and drop files from the desktop to a web browser (see this Java Upload Applet for an example using the Java technology)

We do find these examples in our daily browsing experience, but we unknowingly ignore it, a simple example is AUDIO and VIDEO comments to wordpress blogs, it uses the above mentioned adobe flash player i.e. WEB 3.0

To start with these technologies may come up with various plugins, but soon it will be embedded by various major browsers. It is the same way the JAVA was introduced in early 90s. Ofcourse there is a must improvement in the GUI, animation experience to the end users, which is much easier and will make the User interface more glittery …