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i know you reached here, when you got lotsa spam from the junk site called http://efreshers.com into your mailbox. Well no offense as such to the site particularly, but still it bugged me and my friends a way more severely. Finally we decided to unsubscribe something that we never subscribed. But to my surprise, there was no unsubscribe information in the mail. Then i started searching there website and ended up an unsubscribe link, which may help you guys

to unsubscribe efreshers, please go here http://www10.efreshers.com/unsubscribe/index-6190.php

Latest update:

You can send a message with the subject UNSUBSCRIBE and they will remove you from list. Let me know if you need further help .. Here is link http://www.efreshers.com/sendmessage.php

From the link it seems like that they must be changing it every month or so, but still you can give it a try.

Upon entering  un-subscription  information, they will send a confirmation email, please do the process like entering code etc and then you outta their hoax mail listings.. 😉

Latest update by venkatesh

Hi everybody….
When u log on 2 d website efreshers.com there is a link called subscribe/unsubscribe. U can go thru that link nd u can get rid of that problem

take care

cheers !!

Realin !