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Web 3.0, oh my god !!

Well yeah,thinking about learning web 2.0 well wait a second mate, did i hear someone saying WEB 2.0 is outdated !! yeah it is !! Today my boss promised me that next time when he

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Vista service pack 1 launched on tuesday

  Finally, Microsoft has released its much awaited Vista’s first service pack (SP1) this Tuesday. Microsoft says SP1 will bring “improvements that address many key pieces of customer feedback, especially in the areas of performance

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Are you on the right place at the right time?

hiya guys,

I have been writing for a while about career, job, job satisfaction etc. because now that i am in job i can feel the various UPs & Downs in it. One of my friend today got selected for Indian Air Force (IAF) and ofcourse one should be happy for him and I am. But as per he told me that few of our friends are happy but its a fake happiness. But why do we have this hatred feeling for all ? Didn’t we choose our life at our own. The field, the technology we are working on is chosen by our own wish, so why feel envy just cause he is into IAF.


I did not apply for IAF cause i am not interested in serving government, cause our indian govt. wont let you grow instead will teach you how to make your life luxurious using the extra income(bribe). Well no further comments on it 😀

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Fun with Microsoft Word

Hi all, We all work in Microsoft Office almost every day. And it seems to be working pretty fine as such and does thing as you do. But to have fun, follow the simple steps:

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Microsoft offers to buy Yahoo for USD 44.6 billion

NEW YORK: Technology giant Microsoft Corp said on Friday that it had offered to acquire Internet media company Yahoo Inc for USD 44.6 billion in cash and stock.

Microsoft said it had offered to buy Yahoo for USD 31 per share, which it said represented a 62 per cent premium above the company’s closing stock price on Nasdaq on Thursday.

“We have great respect for Yahoo, and together we can offer an increasingly exciting set of solutions for consumers, publishers and advertisers while becoming better positioned to compete in the online services market,” Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer said in a statement.

Yahoo was not immediately available for comment. Microsoft said it had identified four areas that would generate at least USD 1 billion in annual synergies for the combined entity.

Yahoo shares rose 56 per cent to $29.95 in pre-market trading on Friday following the announcement. US stock index futures also jumped after the news was released.

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Be Scam Smart

Just another fine day, i opened my mailbox as usual and what I see that i was rich and i got a lottery. Everything seemed to be so real as the lottery guys portrayed. Hey but one sec !! when did i just hit a lottery shop or a website ? You gotta be kidding me, i don’t play gamble nor do i believe in my own luck so much that i would waste a 100$ for lottery. But the prize money was there in my mailbox and a few easy steps can make me stand across my dream car,dream home and ofcourse 3-4 dream girls 😀

This is what everyone thinks when one looks at those charmy emails. The one i got is like this ::

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Google Server Down

Today seems like it is googleless day.. being a big fan of google, i open google normally after 30 mins or so, but today since morning I have noticed, google server is down. First the

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